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Poster: rlmccoy1987 Date: Jul 19, 2005 11:15am
Forum: forums Subject: What tv shows can we upload?

What kind of tv shows can I upload here? I saw a casper show, and I thought that that would be illegal.

Is it possible that I upload Dave Chappelle Shows? Or can I upload anything recorded from tv?

How does that work?

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Poster: akb Date: Jul 19, 2005 11:45am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: What tv shows can we upload?

When you upload you agree to terms that you have permission to upload the material. That would not be the case for the Chappelle Show as that is protected by copyright.

There are some old TV show that are not protected by copyright due to formalities of copyright law. The most common reason is that you used to need to renew your copyright 28 years after registration, many forgot to do this.

You could also upload much of the material available on TV channels produced by the US Government, such as the NASA Channel or the Pentagon Channel. Works produced by the USG are not protected by copyright, though you must be careful because work on those channels may be produced by 3rd parties.

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